What We Do

International Trade

Thanks to our foothold in Vietnam and the UK, we trade high quality products of Vietnamese origin and UK origin globally. In other words, we an global importer and exporter.

Vietnamese products that we have been trading include bamboo products, handicrafts, coffee, cashew, dry food ingredients, and seafood (Pangasius catfish).

UK products that we have been trading include machinery and electrical equipment, baby milk powder and vitamins, food supplements, Scotch whisky, fruits, Scottish seafood.

Logistics & Shipping

We provide logistics, shipping, customs and taxation clearance for shipments to both Vietnam and the UK.

This service is particularly popular for Vietnamese exporters to the UK market who need a reliable partner in the UK to help deal with the arrival of goods and delivery to their end clients.

Business Matching

We connect Vietnamese and British investors, leveraging our expertise as a business information aggregator.

In addition to introducing businesses, we provided value-added services such as market research and consultancy, etiquette training, business travel support, document translation, and talent sourcing and management.

Investment Advisory

Are you a Vietnamese investor looking for assets to invest in the UK?

We pride our expertise in the real estate (both residential and commercial), food and media sectors in the UK.

We advise both corporate and individual investors by offering not just the advice but also the site visits on behalf of the client, deal negotiation and liasing with legal advisers.

Intelligence about the UK Market

We connect Vietnamese community and businesses in the UK via www.vietpage.co.uk, a business information platform in Vietnamese language.

The platform acts as a source of valuable intelligence about the UK business environment for Vietnamese firms locally and in Vietnam.

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